Book a Ride! For us, it's personal.

Book a Ride!

For us, it's personal.

"For me, it's personal"

We at Noordung are creating experiences, not products. Relationships. Unforgettable moments of authenticity, freedom and happiness. In this respect, I see our clients as members of our family. A family that loves nature, beautiful design, magical sounds of music, the simple things on this roller coaster that we call life. I’d like to get to know every Noordung rider in person. Shake her or his hand. And wish them bon voyage on our journey together!

Gregor Fras

Book a Ride! For us, it's personal.

Book a ride!

We sell our bikes exclusively to selected customers, whom we personally meet for a test ride. In 2019, we will not build more than 100 pieces of our exclusive bike Noordung One - First Edition. If you are a serious buyer, please fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to discuss the details of our meeting.

Noordung Roadtrips

  • Noordung Milan Premiere

    20 FEB - 22 FEB 2019 / Deus ex Machina Milan
  • Noorung Copenhagen Premiere

    23 MAY - 25 MAY 2019 / Sunday-S Gallery
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