Our Story. Joy in Journey.

Our Story

Joy in Journey.

People say that if you want something, you just have to want it bad enough. Visualize the goal and get it. But what is a goal without a journey? This story isn't about getting there, it's about the ride. It's not for the faint of heart. It's not for those who cut corners. It's about the rhythm of the path, the joy of the process.

It's not the destinations that plot your life, your journeys do.


Herman Potocnik - Noordung (1892 - 1929) was a Slovenian rocket engineer, a pioneer of astronautics, space flight and technologies. In his only book “The Problem of Space Travel” he developed a specific concept of a space station which also inspired Stanley Kubrick when making the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. His book is one of the fundamental works on early space exploration.


His nickname, of which the origin is not completely clear, is supposedly a combination of two german words “No” and “Ordnung”(”No order”). We used it as an inspiration to create our bicycle. We wanted to explore cycling beyond traditional perceptions and practices. We tried to discover the very essence of cycling and have found it in one simple pleasure. The joy in journey.


We thought of our past. The time when we were still children. We thought of our first encounter with a bicycle. Until that point in time, nothing was able to make us feel as free and independent as a bicycle. We remembered the smell of fresh grass, the forests, the vast fields that we were breathing in while exploring kilometers and kilometers of uncharted territories.


Noordung One is based on the café racer culture and tradition. Our goal was to create a modern day version of the cult cruiser bike and upgrade it to a smart high tech machine. The result is this unique bike that reinvents the cycling experience and takes you on the ride of your life.